Hi there. My name is Yana. Thanks for stopping by.

Iā€™m a recent graduate from Shillington College in London-an intensive design program. While there, I learned design in an agency-style setting, working on a variety of print and digital projects with tight deadlines, while using the full Adobe Creative Suite. It was an amazing and rewarding experience!

I've also completed an extensive UX course at Starter League in Chicago, where I learned the latest visual design principles, along with various UX techniques such as field research, heuristics, affinity diagramming, user models/personas, card sorting and wireframes.

Prior to design, I worked as a marketing professional for both mid-sized and multinational companies. I specialized in branding, communication and event planning. I'm looking to make a career switch where I can build on my previous experiences, while applying the new skills I've gained from my courses.

I recently moved from Chicago to London and am enjoying scoping out the nooks and crannies this great city has to offer. I also have a slight obsession with the world of dance, independent coffee and travel.

If you'd like to speak further or see any more of my work, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at yana.leytman@gmail.com.

Hope you have a grand day.