Student Brief
Create a name, logo and visual identity package for a sound art festival, which celebrates the diverse methods of sound art and sound theory.

I wanted to show the relationship between sound and movement. Conventionally, we often times think that sound creates movement (bobbing your head to a good beat, dancing to your favourite track, etc.). But what if it was the other way around? What if the movement was what created sound?

The identity created for the Beat Sound Art Festival came from the idea that beats can in fact be made from movement. The inspiration came from Mikhail Baryshnikov's Human Beat Box dance performance, where he was linked to a contraption that amplified his cardiac activity. The only "music" that the audience heard was Mikhail's heartbeat. As he danced, his heartbeat fluctuated depending on the speed of his movement, which in turn influenced his improvised dance. And there you have it. Movement in fact can create a beat. 

I created posters, banners, event tickets and website for event participants. 

3 days.